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Snowglobe Tumbler Hunny Heart 🍯♥️

Snowglobe Tumbler Hunny Heart 🍯♥️

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SINCE THIS IS A READY TO SHIP ITEM, THE TAT IS 2-3business days (not weekends included)
This cute snowglobe tumbler is made made with magic solution and best quaility chunky glitter (a combination of matching colors), the glitter in this suspended snowglobe tumbler will stay suspended for 2-5 days. 

This tumbler is seal on the bottom to prevent leaking

After the whole process with the solution, we add our pretty UV-DTF wrap. (Honey Heart)

You can choose the option for an extra protection, and add the epoxy sealing at the end (it applies for the whole tumbler). With this type of sealing to keep your wrap safer than normal.

Please keep in mind, small pockets of air may be present in these cups due to glitter trapping of air. 



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